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Trucut Tools Carbide End Mills

Offering the UK's widest range of carbide end mills and end mill cutters for almost any application, the range from JJ Tools is unrivalled in both quality and value.


Last updated 11-08-2021



Trucut Tools Drilling & Tapping

This catalogue covers the most popular selection of
Carmon drills, taps, countersinks and carbide burrs.


Last Updated 09-08-2018


Trucut Tools Indexable Carbide Tooling

This catalogue covers the range of Indexable carbide tooling.


Last Updated 04-12-2016


Omega Spindle Tooling

This catalogue covers the Omega range of Spindle tooling


Last Updated 04-06-2020


Garr Tools Catalogue 2021

GARR TOOL sets the standard when it comes to high performance tooling.


*We can source all tools at a short notice even if not listed on our Webstore, please contact our sales team to purchase.