2mm Radius 2 Flute Corner Rounding Cutters

£25.28 - £30.00 inc. VAT
£21.07 - £25.00 ex. VAT


2mm Carbide 2 Flute MiniCorner Rounding Cutter

  • Endmills for various work materials, hardened steel, pre-hardened steel, tool steel and cast iron.
  • Excellent wear resistance with Si-based PVD coating.
  • High precise edge tolerance.
  • Excellent work surface finish.
  • High TRS fine(0.5μm) WC grade.

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Part Number Diameter d1 Effective Length Overall Length Shank Dia
D x R L1 L d
2CRC014020S06 1.4 x R2 5.5 10 50 6
2CRC039020S08 3.9 x R2 8 - 60 8

Extra Information

JJ Tools
Diameter (D x R):
1.4mm x R2, 3.9mm x R2
Head Diameter (d1):
5.5mm, 8mm
Effective Length (L1):
Overall Length (L):
50mm, 60mm
Shank Dia (d):
6mm, 8mm