1.5mm 4 Flute Variable Helix End Mills for Stainless Steel

JJ Tools

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4SUVA 015 040 S04
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4 Flutes Variable Helix End Mills for SUS

  • Endmills for alloy steel, SUS, Ti/Ni base alloy, Inconel and hard to cut materials.
  • JCRO coating provides wear resistance improvement as well as avoid edge stress in various applications.
  • Minimize chattering during cutting application by unequal index of flute and helix angle to the endmill edge.
  • Type A minimizes chipping, Type B maximizes chip emissions.   
  • Minimize fracturing at high feed by high TRS fine WC grade.

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Part Number Diameter Length of Cut Effective Length Chamfer Type Overall Length Shank Dia Select Part
D L1 L2 Type L d
4SUVA 015 040 S04 1.5 4 - A 50 4 Select
4SUVB 015 040 S04 1.5 4 - B 50 4 Select
4SUVA 015 100 S04 1.5 4 10 A 50 4 Select


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