10mm 3 Flute Micro Rib Square End Mills for A.B.S

JJ Tools

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3MRE 100 500 120
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£57.31 inc. VAT
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3 Flute Micro Rib Square End Mills for A.B.S, ALuminium & Non-Ferrous

  • Endmills for Acryl, A.B.S, Aluminum, non-ferrous and non-metallic materials.
  • Minimize chattering with short flute design.
  • Excellent tool rigidity by short flute design at high speed, feed machining.
  • Reinforced edge design for preventing edge chipping.
  • Excellent wear resistance by applying fine WC grade.

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Part Number Diameter Length of Cut Effective Length Overall Length Shank Dia Select Part
D L1 L2 L d
3MRE 100 500 120 10 30 50 120 10 Select
3MRE 100 600 150 10 30 60 150 10 Select


Extra Information

JJ Tools
Diameter (D):
Length of Cut (L1):
Effective Length (L2):
50, 60mm
Overall Length (L):
120, 150mm
Shank Dia (d):