10mm Diameter Full Radius T-Slot Cutter

£69.20 - £74.16 inc. VAT
£57.67 - £61.80 ex. VAT


10mm Diameter 4 Flute Full Radius Carbide T-Slot Cutter

  • Endmills for various work materials, hardened steel(HRc ~50), pre-hardened steel, tool steel and cast iron.
  • JCRO coating provides wear resistance improvement as well as avoid edge stress in various applications.
  • Minimize edge chipping by applying straight 4flutes design.
  • Various shapes and length provides optimum efficiency.
  • Solid Carbide

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Part Number Diameter Length of Cut Effective Length Neck Diameter Overall Length Shank Dia
D x R L1 L2 D1 L d
4TRS 100 040 100 10 x 2R 4 10 4.5 70 10
4TRS 100 040 160 10 x 2R 4 16 4.5 70 10


Extra Information

JJ Tools
Diameter (D x R):
10mm x 2R
Length of Cut (L1):
Effective Length (L2):
10mm, 16mm
Neck Diameter (D1):
Overall Length (L):
Shank Dia (d):