12.0mm - 12.9mm Carbide Drills With Coolant - DC150 3xD

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Solid Carbide Twist Drills - Walter Titex DC150 Perform Range

Part Number Description Diameter (Dc) " Length (Lc) Length (l2) Overall Length (l1) Shank Dia (d1)
WAL6968846 DC150-03-12.000A1-WJ30RE 12.0mm   40mm 55mm 102mm 12mm
WAL6968847 DC150-03-12.100A1-WJ30RE 12.1mm   43mm 60mm 107mm 14mm
WAL6968848 DC150-03-12.200A1-WJ30RE 12.2mm   43mm 60mm 107mm 14mm
WAL6968849 DC150-03-12.300A1-WJ30RE 12.3mm   43mm 60mm 107mm 14mm
WAL6968850 DC150-03-12.303A1-WJ30RE 12.303mm 31/64" 43mm 60mm 107mm 14mm
WAL6968851 DC150-03-12.500A1-WJ30RE 12.5mm   43mm 60mm 107mm 14mm
WAL6968852 DC150-03-12.600A1-WJ30RE 12.6mm   43mm 60mm 107mm 14mm
WAL6968853 DC150-03-12.700A1-WJ30RE 12.7mm 1/2" 43mm 60mm 107mm 14mm
WAL6968854 DC150-03-12.800A1-WJ30RE 12.8mm   43mm 60mm 107mm 14mm
WAL6968855 DC150-03-12.900A1-WJ30RE 12.9mm   43mm 60mm 107mm 14mm


  • ISO material groups P, M, K, N, S, H, O
  • Can be used with emulsion, oil
  • Areas of use: General mechanical engineering, mould and die making, energy and automotive industries
  • Solid carbide twist drill
  • Grades: WJ30RE and WJ30TA
  • 140° point angle
  • Dia. 1.5–20 mm

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Extra Information

Walter Titex
Diameter (Dc):
12.0mm - 12.9mm
Shank Diameter (d1):
12mm, 14mm
With Through Coolant