25mm 2 Flute Long Shank Ball End Mills for Graphite

JJ Tools

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2GBE 250 1000 250
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2 Flutes Long Shank Ball End Mills for Graphite

  • Endmill for various work materials, graphite, hardened steel(HRc~48), pre-hardened steel, tool steel and cast iron.
  • Excellent performance with low cutting force by ALTIN coating.
  • Long flute length optimized for deep-side wall machining of graphite.
  • Applied fine WC grade optimized for various non-ferrous and non-metallic work materials.

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Part Number Diameter Length of Cut Effective Length Overall Length Shank Dia Select Part
R x D L1 L2 L d
2GBE 250 1000 250 12.5R x 25 100 - 250 25 Select


Extra Information

JJ Tools
Diameter (R x D):
12.5R x 25mm
Length of Cut (L1):
Effective Length (L2):
Overall Length (L):
Shank Dia (d):