DLS 8D Tool Vending System

Economical solution with flexible drawer partitions suitable for small and large items.

Semi-secure with 8 electronically locked drawers.

MATRIX Cabinets

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Call us: 01202 717 110

Call us: 01202 717 110



DLS 8D rounds out the MATRIX range of automated tool dispensers, offering a spacious open drawer planning with configurable storage capacity. Suitable for a variety of cutting tools and related commodities, such as:

  • Cutters, drills, holders and blades
  • Inserts
  • Solid carbide tools
  • Long and large diameter tools, such as gun drills and slotting cutters
  • Gauges
  • Measuring devices
  • Small to medium sized grinding wheels
  • Fixtures and accessories
  • Small to medium sized industrial commodities

Storage Options

  • 8 drawers per cabinet (H): 3 x 101mm/4”; 4 x 127mm/5”; 1 x 203mm/8”
  • Net (internal) height of each drawer is 1″/25.4mm less than the above nominal heights
  • Load weight per drawer: up to 180kg/397lb
  • Partitions supplied with each drawer are pre-installed and bolted to the drawer base but may be changed – DLS DRAWERS 04 & 05 = 5 pcs x 24″/610mm (L),
    DLS DRAWER 08 = 3 pcs x 24″/610mm (L)
  • Dividers supplied with each drawer are not pre-installed and may be installed in any available slot – DLS DRAWERS 04 & 05 = 8 pcs x 5″/127mm (W) + 16 pcs x 6″/152mm (W),
    DLS DRAWER 08 = 8 pcs x 8″/203mm (W)


  • Sturdy industrial cabinet with 8 electronically locked drawers
  • 2 versions: TOUCH (stand-alone) and POD (add-on)
  • Manual override in case of power failure
  • TOUCH: supplied with all-in-one pc-touchscreen, bar code reader, network switch and management software
  • Direct network connection and single power supply 110-230V
  • Cabinet dimensions 915mm/36” (W) x 610mm/24” (D) x 1220mm/48” (H)
  • Front Access Forklift Base – 100mm/4” (H)


Extra Information

MATRIX Cabinets
Cabinet dimensions:
915mm/36” (W) x 610mm/24” (D) x 1220mm/48” (H)
Cabinet Color:
Power supply:
Network connection: