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3mm 4 Flute Various Symmetry End Mill

JJ Tools

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Part Number:
4VSE 030 080 S06
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3mm 4 Flutes Various Symmetry End Mills for Steels, Cast Irons & Stainless Steels

  • Mid-low hardened steels(~HRc42), Mild steels, Cast irons,SUS
  • HR coating reduces stress of flute and enhances wear resistance.
  • Unequal 35°  / 38° Helix angle design enable decrease of chattering.
  • 4 flutes and deep pocket enable chip evacuation and increase surface roughness.
Part Number Diameter D (mm) Length of cut L1 (mm) Overall  Length L (mm) Shank Dia d (mm) Select Part
4VSE 030 080 S06 3 8 50 6 Select
4VSE 030 120 S06 3 12 50 6 Select

Cutting Data

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JJ Tools
Diameter D (mm):
Length of cut L1 (mm):
Overall  Length L (mm):
Shank Dia d (mm):