Fuchs Ecocool Global 10 - 205Ltr

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ECOCOOL GLOBAL 10 is a revolutionary formulation designed to tackle the most complex metalworking materials and processes. Suitable for use with a wide array of metals including Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex and Super Duplex, Aluminium, including aerospace alloys and Titanium.

This ingenious coolant package brings a plethora of benefits. Not only is this easy to mix and monitor formulation able to form a tight stable emulsion in both soft and hard waters, it has excellent foam control and pH stability providing lubricity, cooling and cleaning as well as corrosion and staining protection no matter the application.

ECOCOOL GLOBAL 10 was developed with your requirements in mind, this multi-metal formulation can meet the cross functional demand of your industry processes.

Not only does ECOCOOL GLOBAL 10 extend tool life, therefore reducing downtime for maintenance and tooling costs, it also helps to achieve excellent surface finish. This coolant is designed for use under a wide range of operating conditions including high pressure coolant systems.

ECOCOOL GLOBAL 10 is free from FAD biocides, boron, chlorinated paraffin, silicone, secondary amines and triethanolamine. 

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