Fuchs Ecocool S 761 B - 205Ltr

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Suitable for use in both ferrous and non-ferrous metalworking applications. This heavy-duty formulation is designed for use under a wide range of operating conditions including cutting, drilling, tapping, broaching, milling, reaming and sawing.

ECOCOOL S 761 B is an easy mix and monitor formulation, engineered to form a stable emulsion in both soft and hard waters. Due to enduring mix stability and excellent foam control ECOCOOL S 761 B is ideal for high pressure fluid delivery applications including gun drilling and honing operations.

Equipped with a sophisticated coolant package providing lubricity, cooling, corrosion and staining protection. Suitable for use with a wide array of materials including Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex and Super Duplex, Aluminium, including aerospace alloys.

ECOCOOL S 761 B is free from FAD biocides, boron, sodium nitrate, phenols, triazene, PTBBA and chlorinated additives.

Boeing & Airbus Approvals

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